About the Author

Richard Sorapure is a marine geologist and geophysicist who has worked all over the world, mainly on short-term projects for civil engineering, government and oil and gas companies. From  1983 to 1994, he  was based in Singapore where four of his five children were born. During this time most of his projects were in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, with occasional forays further afield to India,  the Middle East, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

Hostage to Freedom: The Search for the Siren’ is Richard’s first published novel, released in June 2021. Another novel is in progress which has some of the same characters set in an earlier period in the UK. He attended Manchester University as a mature student obtaining a BSc in Geology and then stayed on for three more years for a PhD in experimental petrology. During this period he met Barbara, his future wife, before disappearing without completing his thesis for a two months stint to help a friend in Singapore at a small geophysical survey company in Orchard Road. For some years he avoided working offshore concentrating on marketing and tender submissions whilst helping to bring up his young family and playing cricket at the weekend for the Singapore Chinese Recreation Club. In 1994 he gave up working for other companies, most of whom quickly went out of business and took the freelance route as this afforded him the freedom to select work projects of interest and less risk whilst concentrating on his writing and gardening back home in his home in Wincanton, Somerset.

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